Reinventing the Rules Defining the Future Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Launched in China

On February 22, 2022, Samsung Electronics officially launched a new generation of flagship smartphones in China – Samsung Galaxy S22 series, with cutting-edge imaging technology and innovative experiences to help consumers record the beauty of life more freely and enjoy a high quality of life.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series once again breaks the industry boundary, not only inheriting the iconic integrated body design, but also equipped with a breakthrough camera and super vision night shooting system, plus a smarter screen, powerful processing performance and ultra-long battery life, setting a new standard for the industry.

Among them, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, as the high end model in the series, has even opened a new chapter of Samsung Galaxy S series mobile experience by integrating the super productivity gene of Galaxy Note series through cutting-edge technology.

Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China

“In today’s new world, technology should empower each and every one of us so that all of us can get ahead. Therefore, Samsung continues to enrich relationships and create positive change through technology, providing more convenience to life while helping us create a better today and future.” The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is a super smartphone that once again rewrites the rules of innovation in the industry, both in terms of imaging experience and productivity, and is capable of bringing an epic new experience to everyone’s life every day,” said Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China.

Super Vision Intelligent Imaging System opens up a new era of computational imaging

Nowadays, whether professional content creators shoot high-quality blockbusters or ordinary users record their daily joyful moments, powerful imaging technology and innovative professional-grade functions are indispensable. Facing the increasing demand for cell phone photography, Samsung has always been committed to creating an outstanding intelligent imaging experience and has brought refreshing imaging technologies to the Galaxy S22 series to meet the expectations of different users for a new generation of flagship products.

To help users easily take high-quality photos and videos in dark environments, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is equipped with more powerful light-sensitive components and cutting-edge intelligent image processing technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are equipped with a flagship multi-camera system with 23% more sensor area compared to the Galaxy S21 and S21+, resulting in a larger amount of light intake to easily present high image quality; the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with a 108 megapixel main camera and a large 2.4 micron image The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra takes night photography to a new level with its 108 megapixel main camera and large 2.4-micron image sensor with Samsung Multi-Frame Fusion technology.

In addition, the ultra-clear glass and lens with glare suppression, ultra-low reflection nano-coating on its surface, and adaptive pixel technology help users get clear and bright quality photos for everyday shooting.

The upgraded imaging system introduces Samsung’s cutting-edge AI technology, which breaks the boundaries of mobile photography and pushes computational photography to new heights, allowing ordinary users and professionals alike to unleash their creativity in a variety of scenarios.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series further upgrades its night photography solution with AI technology that can effectively sharpen details and reduce noise, as well as identify objects and scenes, etc. Together with multi-frame compositing technology, it can bring users clear and dynamic night effects.

For portraits, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series offers stunning soft-focus effects with AI stereo depth-of-field bokeh and a more detailed and natural image quality, so small that not even a single strand of hair on the subject will be missed. When the phone detects low light shooting environment, it can also automatically switch to night portrait mode, helping users to take realistic portrait photos with superb reproduction.

Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series further upgrades the video experience. Smart Dynamic Frame Rate detects lighting conditions to automatically adapt the right frame rate; advanced Super Stabilization system effectively reduces shake and movement, and OIS correction angle is 58% higher than the previous generation, allowing users to easily shoot without a tripod; with Super HDR, you can get colorful images even in backlit scenes; upgraded auto-composition function also intelligently detects The upgraded auto-composition function also intelligently detects users and people around them, and supports auto-focus function for up to ten people, capturing all the subjects in the picture.

As smartphone camera applications are used more frequently in social scenarios, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series’ outstanding image performance is also suitable for mainstream social applications. Samsung has opened up its excellent camera system capabilities, VDIS technology, to popular local Chinese social networking software to provide users with a more integrated imaging experience, thus giving them more freedom to unleash their creative power.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Inheriting classic design for higher flagship quality

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series adheres to Samsung’s philosophy of “true design”, which means that only the necessary elements are kept simple to present a natural and comfortable trendy aesthetic. The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ follow the design genes of the Galaxy S series and upgrade the iconic integrated body appearance.

The camera module and body adopt a unified color scheme, presenting an integrated visual effect, while the metal center frame and glass body are closely integrated with a minimalist flat screen, shaping the elegant and smooth body lines and creating a refined and coordinated aesthetic. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is another breakthrough in industrial design, perfectly integrating the bezel of the camera module into the body, just like a natural artwork, uniquely colliding and blending technology and fashion, providing a new choice for users who pursue a high quality of life.

In addition, in order to create a more recognizable trendy texture, Samsung tried hundreds of coating combinations and finally selected a double-layer nano-coating solution. The high quality matte coating is incorporated into the glass body with a unique and sophisticated look, which brings out the best of personality and fashion and makes people fall in love with it at first sight.

Based on its iconic design, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is also more durable and environmentally friendly, with a more robust “armored aluminum” body and a new marine plastic, along with the new Corning® Gorilla®&nbsp. nbsp;Glass Victus®+ glass, fully satisfying people’s aspirations for a reliable and healthy lifestyle.

As always, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series supports IP68 level dust and water resistance, so users can rest assured even after aerobic exercise and when they get wet on rainy days.

The entire Samsung Galaxy S22 series is equipped with a super bright and smooth full-view screen with the second generation of dynamic AMOLED smart screen technology, supporting 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, with ultra-narrow bezel design, bringing users a far more smooth and immersive experience.

Thanks to the new Vision Booster technology, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series screen can intelligently adjust the color contrast according to the lighting conditions, dynamically mapping the ideal picture tone and presenting users with a more outstanding display effect even under direct sunlight. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra takes this a step further, once again setting a new flagship screen standard with 2K high resolution, 1Hz-120Hz adaptive refresh rate and peak brightness of up to 1750 nits.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Performance Experience Upgrade for High-Powered Creativity

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is equipped with a powerful 4nm high-performance processor and Samsung’s innovative AI and ML (Machine Learning) processing technology, giving people a fast, smooth, easy and enjoyable mobile life experience to enjoy the joy of creativity anytime, anywhere. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series also brings users even better battery life, with enhanced AI technology that intelligently adapts to user habits to make the phone last longer.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra inherits the strong productivity gene of the Galaxy Note series and becomes the first Galaxy S model with built-in S Pen, opening up more possibilities for users and also setting a new benchmark for the industry.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra introduces the classic S Pen function while greatly enhancing the user experience. With ultra-low latency, 3x response speed and upgraded S Pen function, users can unleash their creative inspiration and work efficiently without waiting.

Samsung has always been committed to creating a better mobile experience for its users, and with the newly upgraded One UI 4 operating system, users will enjoy a free and personalized experience to express themselves to the fullest. In addition, the new One UI 4 OS also introduces upgraded privacy and security features to give users greater peace of mind.

With its smooth experience and excellent battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been awarded five-star certification for all-scene long-lasting smooth experience and five levels of mobile smart terminal battery life performance by China’s Thiel Labs.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra China Thiel Labs Certification Certificate

In addition, Samsung has further enriched the local application ecology and services to meet the needs of users in more scenarios. The upgraded Smart View of Samsung Galaxy S22 series has a technical cooperation with the national application LeShou casting screen, which is compatible with about 95% of TV brands on the market for casting screen; Baidu CarLife+ Samsung version can realize the connection of over 1,000 models of more than 70 brands on the market, which is convenient for users to bring their cell phone habits and experiences into the car scene.

For the majority of players in the use of game demand, Samsung and Beitong cooperation launched a custom game handle, to achieve the shooting game seconds to open the mirror, MOBA game flexible positioning and pointing to cast skills and other features to improve the game experience, so that players have more easy to operate a comfortable gaming experience.

For users who love to catch up on dramas and watch movies socially, Samsung and Mango TV have reached a strategic cooperation and will launch Mango TV Samsung Edition, which enables a multi-screen interactive experience of cross-device transmission and invites friends to watch dramas in a row.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series official price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are available in Obsidian Black, Feather Dream White, Misty Pine Green and Floating Pink colors, with 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB storage specifications. The Galaxy S22 starts at a suggested retail price of $4,999 and the Samsung Galaxy S22+ starts at $6,599.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in Obsidian Black, Feather Dream White, Misty Pine Green and Crimson Red, and comes standard with 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage for an MSRP starting at $9,699.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is now available for reservation at Samsung’s designated offline stores, Samsung Online Mall (, Samsung Member Club WeChat service number, Tmall, Suning, Gome, Shun Dian, Nine Machines, and Samsung’s official online channels on platforms such as Jitterbug, Racer, and Little Red Book, etc. Consumers who successfully reserve and purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22 series consumers will also enjoy multiple surprise gifts.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB/512GB/5G version) Superb superior image system, large screen S Pen writing, new generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform

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