Retrofitting an M.2 SSD to a 22-year-old Apple PowerMac G4

Today, solid state drives have basically become so popular that a laptop computer without a solid state drive is embarrassed to be sold in the market, but for the PC 20 years ago, it was an unattainable luxury. However, Pierre Dandumont, a folk god, has successfully retrofitted an Apple PowerMac G4 computer, which was released in 1999, with an M.2 SSD.

Not all SSDs will work, M.2 SATA will work, but M.2 NVMe models must be selected to support AHCI.

A specific version of Mac OS X and a compiled BIOS are also required to successfully boot and run the SSD, with a final measured speed of 133MB/s.

Since the Power Mac G4 is only equipped with a USB 1.1 interface with a maximum speed of 1.5MB/s, even the higher speed FireWire 400 is only 50MB/s, so the addition of M.2 is not a negative optimization.

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