Rongsheng Refrigerator×”Light and Shadow”|Conversation with Wang Jinsong: The more you think about it, the more drama there is

On February 16, the high-end dialogue program “Light and Shadow”, produced by the People’s Daily Online People’s Video and titled by Rongsheng Refrigerator, talked to actor Wang Jinsong with special guest Tan Fei, a film critic. The journey of a “late bloomer”.

Wang Jinsong loves to ponder. In the field of acting, one can never have too much “meticulousness”. The information conveyed by the script is the foundation, and on this basis, the actor needs to find ways to get close to the character. Every time he receives a new role, Wang Jinsong has to think about the character and behavior of the character. He was nominated for a number of awards including Best Actor in the China TV Golden Eagle Awards and Best Supporting Actor in the Shanghai TV Festival’s Baiyulan Awards for his role as drug lord Lin Yaodong in the TV series “Icebreaker”. In the drama Lin Yaodong wears a pair of rimless glasses, this pair of rimless glasses is Wang Jinsong from a pile of props picked out, “in more than 20 glasses, when I saw it without a frame, I actually thought of four words – lawlessness. So I reached out and took the one without a frame, I said there should be no edge, this is a man of lawlessness.” Wang Jinsong not much to say but very precise, from the character traits of the character to the environment in which he grew up, all show that he has put his heart and soul under the hard work. Tan Fei sighed that Wang Jinsong’s seemingly random settings were in fact the actor’s perfect fit after deep knowledge of the character.

He mulled over the role and also the details of the work. Because of the more costume drama, Wang Jinsong also almost ground himself into a “costume master”, whether it is the costume system or etiquette and grooming, he has to think deeper, “the actor wearing a sword, basically a glance to know which dynasty features, including the sword on the body The way the sword is worn, wrong is wrong.”

Wang Jinsong became a “famous actor” more than thirty years after he started acting in 1987. Some people say he is a “late bloomer”, but Wang Jinsong modestly says that he does not dare to admit that he is a “bloomer”, but he is a “late bloomer” for sure. “late”, because although it means years of silence, but also let him escape the “early” impetuous.

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