Rumors of a major layoff of 10% Xiaomi backhandedly hit a job ad

Zhongguancun Online News: Recently there are rumors that Xiaomi is laying off employees, the proportion of layoffs is 10%, HR has begun to interview. Self-proclaimed Xiaomi employees, netizens said that the enterprise year-end assessment mandatory performance is divided into C.

Today Xiaomi official rumor, Xiaomi business has never been the case of layoffs, Xiaomi did not cut the dismissal of staff behavior because of changes in business conditions, but there is a mismatch of staff business ability and elimination, Xiaomi currently has more than 4,000 popular positions are still wide open to talented people.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will invest 50 billion in the next five years. Two years, Xiaomi R & D investment has exceeded 22 billion yuan, engineers have exceeded 16,000 people, the next five years to raise R & D investment to 100 billion.

At the end of last year, Xiaomi 12 launch, Lei Jun officially shouted the slogan of the benchmark iPhone series, and also three years to impact the global sales of the first throne. Xiaomi 12 series with excellent hardware configuration opened only 5 minutes to achieve a good result of 1.8 billion sales, enough to see the majority of users for the recognition of Xiaomi, Xiaomi plans to open 20,000-30,000 Xiaomi plans in three years, to see the development of Xiaomi is flourishing.

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