RX 6500XT graphics card original price open for sale simply no one to grab

The RX 6500XT graphics card was released this year and is an embarrassing card, mainly because the 4GB of video memory is a bit of a liability for the current environment, the promised “Game Beyond 4GB”, and the RX 6500XT also neuters the PCIe lanes and some of the encoding capabilities. The RX 6500XT is also neutered PCIe channel and part of the coding ability, if not for the current environment, this card is really not worth 1899 yuan.

A few days ago, many graphics card manufacturers made reservations to buy RX 6500XT graphics cards for $1899, which seemed like a big deal, but it turned out that no one was paying attention to whether or not the original price of this ribbed graphics card was the original price, and many RX 6500XT graphics cards remained at $1899 after the end of the pre-order, even with sufficient supplies.

But having said that, this is the only “original price” graphics card that gamers can buy without any obstacles.

Yingtong (yeston) AMD RADEON RX 6500XT 4G D6

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[Product Price] 1899 yuan