Samsung Galaxy S22 series dark night blockbuster how great Jingdong New Product Intelligence Bureau special agent Song Yi to reveal for you

Recently, Samsung held a global conference and released a new generation of flagship phones Galaxy S22 series. In order to let everyone know the image performance of Galaxy S22 series first, on February 16, the New Product Information Bureau together with Samsung staged a “big show”, with Song Yi, a special agent of the New Product Information Bureau, as the main actress, following the lens of Samsung Galaxy S22 and presenting a high-definition and beautiful dark night movie “Flower – Image” for everyone. In addition to the amazing image performance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Song Yi also revealed at the end of the film that the Galaxy S22 series can be purchased at a discount with a 100% warranty and enjoy 30 days of worry-free return service. If you want to unlock more exciting content, shopping search for new product information bureau can be Oh.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S22 series imaging performance? The Samsung Galaxy S22 series uses a new generation of imaging system, especially to solve the pain points in the night photography, support ultra-visual night shooting system ultra-clear night scene function, the user can shoot in dark light conditions as clear as day. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series sensor is also specially designed to adapt to low light conditions, with a larger area compared to the previous generation, allowing the lens to capture more light and color and show its best performance in the face of night scenes. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series also features a new generation of AI photography technology that further upgrades the image quality.

Everyone’s phones today have the same feature – Portrait Mode. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has also received a new upgrade to the portrait mode function, with better features and more detailed and realistic results, as well as a perfect combination with the night mode. This means that the camera will automatically switch to night portrait mode when the user uses portrait mode in dim light conditions. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series front camera also supports night portrait mode, and with the new generation of AI stereo depth of field bokeh technology, users don’t need to fear the dark to illuminate your true beauty. This is definitely worth getting for those who like to take selfies.

The ability of the phone to produce cinematic HD blockbusters has also become one of the important references for users when buying a phone. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has a super movie image system that supports director’s perspective shooting, multi-shot framing, switching perspectives, etc., with clear layers and more vivid colors. For those who like to use the phone to shoot blockbuster movies, it is definitely a great benefit.

In order to let users experience a more intimate purchase service, Samsung has joined hands to launch multiple purchase programs. The program includes interest-free installment, exquisite gifts, 30-day worry-free refund, 365-day replacement, 100% value-for-new discount purchase and other exclusive rights and benefits. The amount of the next generation of new machines will be deducted from the original invoice, helping users to minimize the cost of subsequent replacement, deeply protect the rights and interests of consumers and enhance the purchase experience.

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