Samsung Galaxy S22 series helps you explore more beautiful scenery with a new solution to master night photography

The Galaxy S, the high-end flagship series of Samsung, is equipped with Samsung’s latest technological achievements every year, and the Galaxy S22 series is no exception. For example, in the Galaxy S series has always been good at image capture, Samsung Galaxy S22 series has been strengthened and upgraded again, especially for consumers in the night photography pain points, to give a better solution.

By upgrading both hardware and software, the night mode of Samsung Galaxy S22 series is more powerful, making it easier for users to take pictures in dark light conditions. In terms of hardware, the sensor of Samsung Galaxy S22 series has been specially designed to adapt to low light conditions, with a larger area compared to the previous generation, allowing the lens to capture more light and color, and to show its best performance when facing night scenes. In particular, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the mega-cup model of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, features a 108-megapixel sensor with a larger and higher resolution, which presents a better effect for night shots.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series also introduces a new generation of AI technology to improve the quality of night shots at the software level. The upgraded AI high resolution technology can easily process more than 4 times the data, sharpening image details and reducing noise. In addition, the advanced AI system automatically recognizes objects and scenes, capturing their true shape and tone, using this data as a benchmark to enhance details and reduce noise processing, while using multi-frame compositing to produce a final night image of outstanding quality.

Portrait mode has always been the best feature when shooting people, but now in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, this feature is even better and more effective, and can be combined with night mode. When users use portrait mode in low light conditions, the camera will automatically switch to night portrait mode, and with the new AI stereo depth of field bokeh technology, you can take moving portrait photos with soft bokeh effect. In addition, the front camera of Samsung Galaxy S22 series also supports night portrait mode, which is definitely a great benefit for those who love taking selfies. These users will be able to take high quality selfies without having to search for the right light source when taking selfies.

It’s not just about taking photos, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has also seen significant improvements in video recording at night. The new Intelligent Dynamic Frame Rate feature automatically adjusts the frame rate to the best possible level based on the surrounding light conditions, thus improving the quality of the captured video. The NPU, which is twice as fast, allows the AI in the device to work better, sharpening the details and reducing noise in low light conditions. The advanced Super Stabilization system also minimizes shaking and movement while shooting, taking nighttime video to the next level.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series continues to carry forward the proud image capture capability of the Galaxy S series through continuous technological innovation to create extremely outstanding night shots, effectively solving users’ real-life pain points and living up to its flagship name. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is currently in full queue at Samsung’s online store. Consumers who want to be the first to experience superb night photography can now place an order to participate and buy the model of their choice while enjoying the benefits of pre-sale purchases.

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