Samsung said the future of the new machine will no longer come with a screen protector film to avoid waste generated

According to SamMobile, Samsung is now planning to remove the screen protector that comes with new machines. At present, only the South Korean region does not come with a protective film, the future of the initiative will be gradually implemented to more areas. Samsung officials said that the current screen protector market has matured, comes with a protective film will lead to waste phenomenon.

Samsung officials also said that the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of cell phones not only body using “armored aluminum” material is strong and wear-resistant, the screen, the back of the body are also extremely hard Corning Gorilla Glass Victus + screen, somehow no longer need the help of traditional protective film.

Officials also said that if you are interested in the official genuine protective film, they will also provide a separate channel to buy it. The Korean local market has already taken the lead. To this initiative foreign media said that at present, users buy cell phone products, basically will also look for professional stores to buy custom films, so the problem of waste does exist.

Do you usually buy extra protective film for your phone? Welcome to discuss!

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