Shipping in 2023 Intel Announces 14th Generation Core Meteor Lake

Today, at the Intel investor conference, Intel announced the 14th generation Core Meteor Lake, which will flow in Q2 2022 and ship in 2023. Intel said Meteor Lake mainly uses Intel 4 process, has a hybrid architecture of large and small cores, and is equipped with a new generation GPU engine, integrated AI gas pedal and lower power consumption. In addition, the 14th generation Core Meteor Lake CPU will use a new small chip (Tile) architecture, consisting of IO Tile, SOC Tile and Compute Tile 3. The CPU Tile will use a hybrid core design. It is worth noting that Meteor Lake’s GPU is neither core (iGPU) nor solo (dGPU), but tGPU (Tiled GPU), which uses ARC Battlemage DG3 graphics architecture for higher performance, and will also have enhanced support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and XeSS.