[Slowly] hit the workers favorite mouse! Logitech small Liu Duck touch the fish immediately 20 yuan

Logitech Little Liu Duck Touch Wireless Mouse is currently open flash sale activities, after stacking full 99 minus 20 yuan coupon, to hand only 99 yuan. You fight workers quickly buy one as a gift in 2022!

罗技(Logitech)蓝牙无线鼠标Pebble鹅卵石轻薄型 静音 小巧 便携 双模时尚男女跨年礼物 【小刘鸭摸鱼】白色

Logitech (Logitech) Bluetooth wireless mouse Pebble thin and light silent small portable dual-mode fashion men and women New Year’s gift [small Liu Duck touch fish] white

[Distributor] Store

[Product Price] 119RMB

Logitech pebble thin and light silent dual-mode mouse using a pebble shape design, thin and lightweight body for the user to bring a close, comfortable control feel. The mouse measures 105.4mmx55mmx24.5mm and weighs 91g, so you can carry it around.

Logitech Pebble wireless mouse is equipped with a silent button, concentrate on work does not affect others. The mouse can be connected to 2 computers via Bluetooth or Unifying Ulink, powered by one AA battery, officially claimed to have about 18 months of battery life.