Smaller than the palm of your hand 229 yuan can buy HD printer

Recently, a glory pro-choice HD wrong printer opened a pre-sale, this printer can support 300dpi HD printing, photo recognition, a key print, only the size of the palm of your hand, the price of the original price of 259 yuan, the first pre-sale for only 229 yuan.

Glory pro-choice & Ariel H2 HD wrong printer small junior high school students wrong organizer, handbook companion, mini-portable home photo sensitive printer white

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[Product Price] 259RMB

The printer is 84mm wide, 85mm high, 41mm thick, and weighs only 160g. It is smaller than the palm of an adult male’s hand, making it easy to store and carry.

It has a built-in database of 280 million real questions, covering the whole range of subjects in primary and secondary school, with real time updates of past exam questions. It can provide students with rich learning resources.

It also supports printing labels, handbook fun expressions, document printing, template printing, web printing and other very powerful functions.