Spring Festival ticketing opens tomorrow Mobile phone software acceleration package please be careful to buy

China Customs Online news: Spring Festival is almost here, January 3, the first day of the Spring Festival (January 17) train tickets will soon be shot, the Internet has produced a number of “buy tickets calendar”. The Spring Festival will last until February 25, and tickets will be available until February 11.

Photo from @PostalExpress

For those who often use third-party software to grab tickets on their cell phones, they should be more or less aware of the existence of “accelerated packages”. The software boasts that users can “jump the queue” and buy tickets faster after buying the accelerated package. In this regard, 12306 officials have said that this move does not give users priority in purchasing tickets, regardless of which software will have to queue in the 12306 ticketing system.

In other words, the user purchase accelerated package not only did not accelerate, but also may be delayed ticket issuance, high refund and change of visa fees, personal information leakage, slow refund and other risks. Users want to buy tickets or use the official 12306 APP to buy more “reliable”. Have you ever bought an accelerated package?

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