Stay up late to play the phone party gospel – six major brands dark color mode comparison

Last month, WeChat was “pressured” by Apple to finally update its “dark mode”, which brought the “dark mode” (or dark mode) system feature to the users. However, for late night playing phone party and often receive information in the middle of the night need to check the user, dark mode light can indeed avoid fumbling in the dark to open the phone moment “light” to blind.

Whether it’s to “not disturb the sleeping people around you” or to “protect your eyesight”, the dark mode works to bring the overall brightness of the screen closer to the night environment, thus reducing the irritation to your own or others’ eyes. With night mode on, you won’t feel particularly blinding even if you brush Weibo at 3am.

Some people say dark mode is good, of course, some people oppose it, and different cell phone systems have different optimizations for dark mode, here we have selected six major brands of cell phones, through the comparison, to see which of the different cell phone systems in the dark mode is good.

01 six cell phones with the system on the scene new system who is the “king of darkness”?

In the brand selection, we chose the mainstream six brands Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung and Apple, respectively, Huawei nova 7 Pro, Xiaomi 10 Pro, OPPO Ace2, Vivo NEX 3S, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max. six cell phone system is shown in the following table.

Reviewed phone parameters

We can understand that the six cell phones are the new products of these brands, and they are equipped with the latest system. We have upgraded the system of several cell phones to the latest version before the test started (Note: Xiaomi released the latest MIUI 12, and this test is the development version).

Preliminary preparations are complete, here we officially start this dark mode comparison.

02 dark color mode horizontal and vertical comparison of the perception of the advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The dark color mode of the cell phone system is a high contrast, or inverse color mode display mode, and the traditional black on white, this black on white mode is usually considered to relieve eye fatigue, easier to read.

It is also a dark color mode, but the tuning and optimization of this mode is different for different cell phone systems, some are simple and brutal “color inversion”, “black on white” into “white on black “Some of them are targeted to coordinate the color of the background and the word, so that the human eye visual more comfortable. The following is a comparison of the six phones’ dark mode with their own light mode.

Huawei nova 7 Pro dark color mode before and after comparison

Huawei EMUI 10.1 dark color mode, in the settings, text messages and other original white background black part of the “bipolar inversion”, the system drop-down menu also adapted to the new color, the overall feeling is still relatively comfortable, but unfortunately, in other scenes such as desktop part is not optimized, and no major difference with the regular mode. There is no big difference with the regular mode.

Before and after comparison of Xiaomi 10 Pro dark color mode

The dark mode of Xiaomi MIUI 12 gives a more comfortable feeling, except for the black and white inversion, the whole system of MIUI seems to add a “dark filter”, the whole does not appear a certain brightness is too high, the global color tone is also in line with the use of the night situation.

OPPO Ace2 dark mode before and after comparison

OPPO ColorOS 7.1’s dark mode is similar to Huawei’s EMUI 10.1, with a good adaptation of dark colors across the system, but not much change in some scenes that are not “black and white” – for example, the text part It’s just a noticeably brighter white.

vivo NEX 3S dark mode before and after comparison

Vivo’s FunTouchOS 10 is not just a “reversed color” when dark color is turned on, for example, the white text will have a certain amount of gray, and the contrast with the black background is not as obvious, making it more comfortable to look at.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra dark mode before and after comparison

Samsung’s One UI 2.0 dark mode can also be set whether to apply dark mode to the wallpaper, in addition to the adaptive color filter settings, you can start the eye protection mode between sunrise and sunset, the overall design is still relatively thoughtful. In terms of color, the overall contrast will be reduced to a certain extent after Samsung opens the dark mode, and the large area of black pavement makes the luminous part significantly reduced, and the comfort of the eyes will be improved when using it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max dark mode before and after comparison

The iPhone’s dark color mode debuted in iOS 13, and this feature has been discussed a lot right after the beta test. iOS 13 doesn’t disappoint – whether it’s the negative screen, the drop-down menu or other system interfaces, it has a good fit and the overall color palette is still pleasing to the eye. And unlike the overall “black” layout of the previous systems, iOS 13’s dark color mode is closer to the original meaning of the word “dark” – deep but not black.

After talking about the comparison of different systems, here we will put the interface of these systems together and compare the effect of dark color mode of these systems horizontally.

Negative screen dark color mode comparison

In the negative screen part of the desktop, iOS 13 and MIUI 12 settings give a more comfortable look and feel, and are able to adapt the color palette for wallpaper and content, so that opening at night will not cause discomfort. However, from a comprehensive point of view, Vivo and Apple’s dark mode really adds “dark” elements, and the whole is still colored, while the other models directly change the background to black or dark; Xiaomi’s color tone looks the darkest among these models.

Status bar dark color mode comparison

In the drop-down menu section, these phones have optimized the adaptation to different degrees, the overall tone is more comfortable, and the background of the icon and the description of the text part have been “dark adjustment” to some extent. Separately, Huawei and Apple’s dark mode only adjusts the brightness of the color in the original state, while several other phones are a large area of dark solid color pavement, which is specifically better or depends on personal preference.

Comparison of the dark mode of several cell phones under the browser

In the other white background page selected the browser to compare. In the text display part we can see that the better performance is Xiaomi and Samsung, dark mode in the background and text display color scheme is more coordinated, not just a simple “black and white with”, by reducing the color purity and contrast to achieve a better visual experience. vivo in the browser adaptation of dark mode, and did not choose the front In the browser adaptation of the black and white color scheme, Vivo did not choose the previous black and white color scheme, but chose the dark blue color scheme, and the overall look is still more suitable for night use.

On the other hand, Apple and Huawei’s performance is a little disappointing – only the header tab bar is “dark color adapted”, and the overall page is still bright white, making people’s eyes hurt.

03 Third-party application adaptations at a glance iOS 13’s performance is disappointing

After all, no one wants to “surf” in a dark environment for a long time, and then suddenly open an interface – “God said to have light! “, then a blinding white light came, “everyone, I’m blind”.

The feeling of dark mode and normal mode suddenly switch

How important is the adaptation of third-party applications, as evidenced by the “WeChat officially supports dark mode” on the topic crowded on the hot search. Everyone should have heard the saying “I have never been afraid of the dark, only because I have never seen the light”, and this saying is the same in reverse, perhaps we have been used to the operation of being “blinded” at night and do not feel anything wrong, but when you have been dark The most deadly of all is the sudden “blinding” after you’ve been accommodated by the gentleness of the mode.

In the third-party adaptation, because the dark mode of these systems in the software adaptation of different performance, here we have selected several mainstream applications to test the phone dark mode adaptation, the results are as follows.

Third-party application adaptation results

Although we have only listed a few common applications, we can see from here that the third-party applications of these systems are adapted to dark mode: the best adaptations are Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 and Vivo’s Funtouch OS_10, both of which are better adapted to the above applications during the test; while Huawei’s EMUI 10.1 and iPhone Huawei’s EMUI 10.1 and iPhone’s iOS 13 are poorly adapted.

However, from the above chart, we can also see that social applications such as WeChat and QQ, and video applications such as Aiki, are well adapted in these phones, and this is also in line with the “activities” of the late-night party, so the late-night chatting and drama partners can rest assured that the late-night mode is open, and your eyes are still saved.

04 about the dark mode of other small thoughtful features designed from the user experience

Dark mode is a feature that will become a common feature to stay in your phone as long as you have experienced its benefits. As a major important system function, whether it can be opened quickly has also become the focus of comparison. After the actual test, these systems are thoughtful to add this function to the shortcut drop-down menu, whether open or closed can be quickly done.

In addition, in the test I found that in Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung and Apple, dark mode can be customized to set the time to turn on and off. That is to say, after completing the settings without having to manually open, the phone will automatically enter the dark mode when the set time comes, even if you forget at night, do not worry.

05 A final word.

Through several dimensional comparisons, we can see that the current mainstream brand systems have good optimization effects on dark mode, among which Xiaomi’s newly released MIUI 12 and Vivo’s FunTouch OS are better in terms of ease of use and adaptability. Of course, the performance of several other systems in dark mode is not disappointing. However, it is a pity that these systems have not yet completed the dark color adaptation of mainstream applications, so we need to wait patiently.

After reading this review, which system do you think is the best to use the dark color mode? In addition, do you usually open dark mode? See you in the comments section.

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