Switch may support AMD FSR technology: frame rate soars

Core Research, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) — Nintendo has just recently added support for AMD’s open-source technology FidelityFX super-resolution technology for its new games, Toms HardWare reports. In the end user license agreement for Nintendo’s upcoming new game, Swtich Sports, gamers have found a little hint that the game will use AMD’s FidelityFX super-resolution technology.

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In addition, since Swtich Sports is a first-party Nintendo game, it can be assumed that support for FSR has been added to the company’s proprietary agl C++ rendering library, which ensures that subsequent Nintendo games continue to use the technology.

The Switch console is equipped with a 1280×720P display that supports up to 1920×1080P image output, but the frame rate can often only reach 30 FPS. AMD’s FSR technology allows it to run games with a higher frame rate, but it still depends on how the technology will be used in Swtich Sports.

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