Tencent launched a new business XR, the layout of the full true Internet, Ma Huateng first mentioned

February 15 afternoon news, according to Sina Technology reports, Tencent launched a new business – XR (Extended Reality, Extended Reality) business, and recently opened internal live water recruitment, that is, internal cross-departmental transfer.

According to the report, the business focuses on laying out a full-chain XR ecology, including XR devices on the hardware side, perceptual interaction technology on the software side, and content and developer ecology on the content and industry side.

At the end of 2020, Ma Huateng first proposed the concept of “full-real Internet” in an internal Tencent publication, saying, “An exciting opportunity is coming, with a decade of mobile Internet development and the next wave of upgrades coming, which we call the full-real Internet “.

New technologies such as VR, new hardware and software are all key components of the “Holistic Internet”. Tencent’s new XR business today is laid out in the same direction as the content of the Holistic Internet.