The best reader ever? Huawei MatePad Paper!

Tonight, Huawei announced the MatePad Paper. the MatePad Paper has a 10.3-inch grayscale e-ink screen with an anti-glare, reflective display that helps with low-light use. the Paper can reproduce 256 shades of gray to display text and images — even video — although I’m not sure why you’d want video in black and white.

You may have noticed that the bezel is surprisingly small for an e-ink device. Huawei says it’s reduced the tablet’s screen-to-body ratio to 86.3 percent, and the book spine-inspired design ensures there’s something for you to hold. All this e-paper, combined with its size, makes it unlike almost every other e-ink device we’ve seen so far. (The Kindle DX was a long time ago).

In addition to 32 levels of backlighting, the device is also compatible with Huawei’s M pencil, which usually comes with more typical tablets. This means you can doodle, annotate and edit your documents and books, a very useful tool when it comes to e-ink devices. It’s worth noting that Huawei has been able to refine the sensitivity of the textured screen to 26ms. it may not be super smooth like the S22 Ultra – or even like Huawei’s other tablets – but it’s noteworthy on a matte e-ink surface. Is this the perfect digital notepad device?

Huawei continues to push for all of its devices to connect as seamlessly as possible, and you can connect the MatePad Paper to the company’s laptops, PCs, tablets and phones. Huawei says the tablet looks like a USB drive, and you can drag and drop your notes and annotated PDF files onto your laptop. That’s thanks to HarmonyOS, the company’s proprietary operating system.

Compared to the Kindle’s unintelligence and the short battery life of the iPad, the ordinary LCD screen, Huawei’s MatePad Paper can be said to draw on the best of both sides, and with a larger screen size, I can’t wait for it.