The cost of SSDs across the board and the possibility of out of stock

Last Thursday, according to two reports from Western Digital and Armor Man, the two factories may cause up to 16EB of flash memory to be wasted, affecting 10% of the flash memory market this quarter.

The news has had a very rapid response to the SSD chain, and some manufacturers have now begun to stop shipments, and the price of SSDs is rising.

According to reports, Qunlian, Jiang Bolong, Magnesium and other manufacturers stopped taking orders, although they still maintain supply, but the future quantity and price is not clear.

Price to Kingston A400 series shipping costs, for example, before the holiday 120GB quoted at $154, 240GB quoted at $158, after the holiday Kingston A400 120GB quoted at $165, 240GB quoted at $198, up $11 and $13 respectively.

Want to buy SSD friends, the recent can hurry to start, the probability of continued price increases in the future will be very high.