The highest support 50W Xiaomi released “small sense + magnetic suction” pre-research technology

Recently, Xiaomi released the “small inductance + magnetic suction” wireless charging pre-research technology, magnetic suction wireless charging power up to 50W, 50% reduction in losses, to achieve a “revolutionary wireless charging experience”. It is reported that the technology includes two new magnetic suction charging products a Xiaomi ultra-thin magnetic suction wireless charging (30W) and Xiaomi active cooling magnetic suction wireless charging (50W). It is reported that Xiaomi Ultra-thin Magnetic Suction Wireless Charging supports up to 30W power and 86 minutes to fill the 5000mAh battery. Another new product, Xiaomi active cooling magnetic suction wireless charging, taking into account heat dissipation and magnetic charging, the surface temperature can be reduced by 20 ℃ within 1 minute, the maximum power support 50W, about 49 minutes to fill the 5000 mAh battery.

At present, the official Xiaomi did not reveal more details of these two new products and the price, it feels like a high power version of the magsafe magnetic suction charging power. Welcome to guess the price of these two new products in the comments section, what is your expected price?