The latest news! The price of graphics cards will plummet in March

The graphics card market deformity has not been a short time problem, the vast majority of users are also used to it, hold you up any you up, I buy count me lose mentality. However, the price of graphics cards has also recently slipped a lot, the latest news that there is a wave of price cuts in March graphics cards, and is a plunge.

01 news that the price of graphics cards will plummet in March

The well-informed tipster Greymon55 heard a message a few days ago that the price of graphics cards will drop dramatically next month, and he hopes the news is true, but did not explain what the reason for the so-called plunge is.

In the past, people thought that the price of graphics cards was mainly due to mining in the cryptocurrency circle, ETH’s arithmetic power has been very stable in recent times, but the price is really shaking, the risk of mining is increasing, if it is really the DIY players look forward to the cryptocurrency circle “mining disaster”, then a large number of mining cards into the secondary market, will certainly lead to a sharp drop in graphics cards.

Of course, it’s more likely that AMD and NVIDIA’s supply is increasing, plus the demand for mining cards is not rising or even falling, and the price of graphics cards will naturally come down.

From the recent performance of graphics card manufacturers, it is not impossible for the price of graphics cards to plummet in March, and a number of manufacturers have already cut the price of graphics cards a few days ago.

02 The current price of graphics cards has begun to decline

From the RTX 3080, some of the big brands have taken the lead in reducing prices, since the RTX 30 series graphics cards have been released prices have basically been above $9,000, but now the lowest has fallen to about $7,500.

And even another 50 yuan off

ShadowChip RTX3080 Black General FG [lock arithmetic

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[Product Price] 7499RMB

Seven Rainbow iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Ultra W OC 10G LHR

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[Product Price] $8099

The RTX 3080 is currently divided into two versions, 10GB and 12GB, both with different degrees of price reduction, but the 10GB price reduction is greater.

Sooty GeForce RTX 3080-12G6X Apocalypse OC

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[Product Price] 8999RMB

The 12GB version was previously priced at around 10,000 yuan, the lowest has been reduced to 9,000 yuan, because this graphics card has just been released, so there is no “slag” and pressure of the situation, but the price reduction of 1,000 yuan is still quite high.

ShadowChip RTX 3070TI Star Obsidian OC Infinity Edition

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[Product Price] 6199 yuan

Further down the RTX 3070 Ti also has a more substantial price reduction, before the market price of this graphics card is close to 7000 yuan, the cheapest time will be about 6500 yuan, there are now 6200 yuan products.

Compared to the RTX 3070 Ti, the RTX 3070 did not have as much of a price cut as expected, mostly at $5900. Before last year’s 11.11 RTX 3070 price even reached 5500 yuan, can be in the wait and see for a while.

And further down a grade of RTX 3060/3060 Ti price dip is not great, the former also basically maintained at about 4200 yuan, maintaining the level of October last year, while the general price of RTX 3060 Ti is still in the 5000 yuan up.


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[Product Price] $2599

At the same time from the release of the nearest RTX 3050 prices have also been slightly reduced, originally after the sale of almost overnight all brands reached 2900 yuan, and currently includes a line of brands such as Asus MSI, has dropped to 2600 yuan.

03 Domestic mining sealed IP

Whether or not this graphics card prices really plummeted as the tipster said, anyway, from a domestic perspective, mining this road has been completely unworkable.

On November 10, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission organized a special video conference on virtual currency “mining” governance to crack down on mining behavior, requiring provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to effectively take local responsibility, build systems and monitor.

Mining must be able to be detected

In December of the same year, operators began to investigate mining, where the behavior will be blocked IP processing. Although there is scientific Internet access is still possible, but the high investment, high risk, difficult to realize, the subsequent benefits and risks are not as good as those brought by the sale of cards.

So the domestic environment has basically blocked this behavior of mining, once found serious treatment, the cost is great. But whether the current mining card has been a large outflow is unclear, users in the purchase of graphics cards, but also recognize the official flagship store, if the price is really cheap, but also to have to buy “slag” psychological preparation.

In addition, a little personal insight, if the product price reduction is from the third-party store, then most of the market fluctuations will be relatively large; if the price reduction from the official store, it is most likely that the upstream manufacturers will have action in the near future.