The world’s first iPhone has nothing to do with Apple, but is a small computer with a keyboard

When it comes to the iPhone today, three keywords come to mind, Apple, Steve Jobs, and cell phone, yet you may not even know that the world’s first iPhone had nothing halfway to do with Apple.

Almost 10 years before the launch of the first iPhone, a company called InfoGear gave birth to a radical idea of a phone that would help users browse email and connect to the original version of the Internet, and it was called the iPhone.

The abandoned InfoGear iPhone was reportedly born in a lab at National Semiconductor as a small engineering project. Needless to say, many features made InfoGear iPhone a spiritual pioneer of modern smartphones. The model had capacitive touch controls that made it easy for early adopters to use. For example, the iPhone automatically highlights a phone number on a web page, and users can dial it with a single press on it. In addition, while InfoGear’s gadget didn’t offer video calls or messages early in its era, it automatically transcribed voicemails via capacitive on-screen buttons to dial incoming calls.

Not only that, but the original creator of the iPhone – InfoGear – had also designed a product called the iPad. Although the iPad never entered the market as a commercial product, it was designed almost as a response to the need for a large personal digital assistant with a touch screen, stylus support, a scrolling keyboard, and wireless connectivity.

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