Thousand Interest GKURC: Sony wins two awards for TV technology and PR communications

On December 30, 2021, Global Key Users Research Center (GKURC), a professional market research organization, released the “2021 Home Appliance Consumer Electronics Top 100 The report “Media People’s Golden Choice List” was released in Beijing, and the GKURC Industry and Economy Think Tank was established at the same time.

At the event, the organizers selected the “2021 Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Top 100 Media People Gold Award” based on the research results, in which Sony won the “Top Brand in TV Technology Innovation” and “Most Appreciated in PR Communication” (Sony China). Sony won the “Top Brand in TV Technology Innovation” and the “Most Appreciated Enterprise in PR Communication” (Sony China), which were fully recognized by professional media people in both product technology and brand communication dimensions.

The media circle has always been not only the recorder and witness of innovation and change in the home appliance and consumer electronics industry, but also a key participant and promoter of the market. Their views and tendencies play a pivotal role in industry development, consumer guidance and brand promotion. This research is conducted by Thousand Interest GKURC for 100 famous domestic and foreign home appliance consumer electronics media people, around the brand, technology and industry development trend of relevant enterprises to conduct in-depth research and analysis, and formed a professional report.

The Report shows that the professional media circle of home appliance and consumer electronics value strong technical barriers and high brand value, which are also the focus of their attention and coverage. In both aspects, Sony has outstanding performance.

So far this year, Sony has overcome many difficulties caused by uncertainties in the external environment, seized new opportunities under the new normal, insisted on the long-termism of “black technology” innovation and research and development and high-value brand building, and maintained the stable and high-speed operation of the enterprise.

Thanks to the successful high-end product portfolio strategy and brand value communication strategy for TVs, digital imaging products and audio products, Sony’s electronics business maintained considerable growth and continued to serve as an important support for corporate development, while China was the highlight of Sony’s major markets and continued to maintain its dominant position in terms of product competitiveness and brand reputation.

In particular, in the TV category, on the one hand, the launch of new technologies and products was once again the brand’s signature action in the first half of the year, laying a good start for the electronics business; on the other hand, the continued high performance of the product market also became the main driving force to maintain good development momentum this year. The new star product of the Picture Essence series and the “XR” cognitive chip, which represents the continued implementation of the concept of “black technology is the foundation of the establishment”, attracted the effective attention of the high net worth group.

In the Chinese market, Sony TV’s original technology and Sony China’s brand communication also played a beautiful “combination punch”.

In terms of product technology, Sony continues to adhere to the high-end, boutique route with a unique rhythm. In March this year, on behalf of Sony TV in 8K LCD, 4K LCD and OLED display products stage the highest level of new TV products officially launched, including the picture essence series 8K LCD TV Z9J, 4K LCD TV X95J, and picture essence series OLED TV A90J, etc.. From the subsequent performance, these products bring diversified choices for the high net worth market and are favored by people pursuing audio-visual quality.

At the same time, the cognitive chip codenamed “XR”, as the core support of the new generation of high standard TVs, was unveiled together with the new products of the Picture Essence series, making a C-position appearance. Not only does it deeply optimize the part that viewers want to “see” the most, adapting to viewing habits while ensuring stable and efficient chip performance output; at the same time, it adds a new sound quality optimization function, taking the lead in achieving “audio-visual integration” at the chip level.

Brand communication, “cognitive creation ‘ core ’ sound and picture future” theme, a comprehensive display of Sony’s technical features and innovative capabilities in consumer-level large-screen terminals, accurately grasp the immediate needs of the TV consumer upgrade and the future development trend of the industry, the Sony TV The image of Sony TV as a “value guide” was presented visually.

At the same time, on the basis of the established high-end large-screen market and brand line, Sony is also committed to developing more targeted product strategies for potential interest communities, as well as more advanced and accurate brand communication strategies. Among them, the successful exploration of the needs of gamers is a typical performance.

Professional media people’s observation and recognition of Sony China’s PR communication and brand operation are not only in the TV category.

The concept of “developing creative entertainment ecosystem and creating a value chain for delivering touching” continues to be practiced. The Sony value chain, which is interlocked by product technology, entertainment content and platform services, has achieved extensive coverage of demand through the provision of content, services and hardware and software tools, ensuring a complete experience and establishing a rich, three-dimensional brand image. The brand image of Sony has been established.

This year, on the one hand, Sony has cut into the new needs of the new normal, “online release of flagship new products, innovative marketing methods, close to the interest group”, has become Sony’s daily routine; on the other hand, Sony is also trying to achieve deep integration with users, for example, the sixth annual Sony employee innovation competition in China made an open display to the public, allowing For example, the 6th Annual Sony Innovation Competition in China is open to the public, allowing the outside world to better understand Sony’s innovation environment and atmosphere.

In addition, as a foreign company with full operations in China for electronics, semiconductors, entertainment and other businesses, Sony also experienced many explicit and potential crises in 2021 triggered by changes in the external environment. Sony’s PR team demonstrated a comprehensive strategic perspective, mature strategic thinking, and a steady tactical style. While closely communicating with mainstream media, continuously and transparently highlighting the company’s position, and effectively eliminating misunderstandings and differences, Sony also maintained active and in-depth interaction with Sony fans in many interest communities through skillful and flexible self-media operations, firmly implementing the corporate policy of “close to people”. The company’s corporate policy of “close to people” has been firmly implemented, and its positioning as a “creative entertainment company built on a solid technological foundation” has been strongly reinforced.

On the whole, technology and creativity are still the core keywords of Sony brand, and also the insistence of Sony China in its daily operation. Under the new normal, new needs are constantly derived and new opportunities arise, and the increasingly sophisticated original “black technology” and the brand value of “touching users” will continue to serve as an effective driving force for development.