Toshiba reports hard drive shipments and sales for 2021

Toshiba only day released announced 2021 hard drive shipments and sales report, according to the report 2021 Toshiba HDD shipments and Exabyte shipments increased by 4% and 61% respectively. The company shipped 54.68 million full-year shipments, equivalent to 187.24 Exabytes.

Toshiba’s Nearline, Mission Critical, and Desktop/CE divisions are reported to have posted higher unit and Exabyte results, with Nearline HDDs improving tremendously with a 73 percent increase in shipments and Exabyte increasing 114 percent.

Toshiba shipped a record number of Nearline HDDs in the fourth quarter of 2021, with shipments increasing to 2.9 million in the quarter, up more than 94 percent year-over-year.