Wafer market in the first quarter will usher in a comprehensive price increase: up to 10%

Core Research Institute January 2 news, recently, news that the wafer foundry end of the plan in the first quarter of this year again for a comprehensive price increase, the price increase between 5% and 10%, compared with last year’s average of more than 20% increase is slightly lower. According to the general view of the industry, the wafer price increase is not only negative, more of a test of the actual demand for the chip market.

Core Research Institute editorial

On the one hand, the price increase can test the overall supply chain after nearly two years of price hikes, if the cost continues to increase in 2022, customers in IC design and even terminal acceptance level. On the other hand, the price increase can also test the actual market demand for wafers. If the price increase can be successful, and the final rate of increase close to 10% of the ceiling, it is enough to show that the customer has a strong demand for wafers, and vice versa can prove that the customer demand is not strong, so that the future capacity allocation for the adjustment.

According to the industry’s view, after this wafer price increase, the price of the supply chain will gradually restore stability, which can lay a solid foundation for stable revenue next year.

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