Weibo draws Redmi K50 gaming version Lu Weibing becomes the only winner

The Redmi K50 Gaming Edition was officially launched yesterday, and the 90-year-old Redmi product manager, @Wu, who made the phone, made his debut on stage to introduce the product, and eventually lived up to the expectations of the crowd.

The product manager introduced himself to everyone on Weibo before the event, and opened a campaign to send a Redmi K50 gaming edition by retweeting + following the draw.

The Redmi K50 gaming edition uses Huaxing photoelectric OLED screen, the screen then reached DisPlay A + rating, equipped with Qualcomm’s annual flagship new generation Snapdragon 8 processor, rear 64 megapixel main camera, front 20 megapixel HD camera, the first Sony IMX596 sensor, is the most powerful configuration phone in Redmi’s history.

In addition, as a phone designed for gaming, the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition is co-branded with the Mercedes AMG F1 team and features a cool exterior design, as well as the strongest Android wideband motor, JBL dual Yang, gaming antenna and other hardware configurations to enhance the gaming experience.

The Redmi K50 Gaming Edition starts at 3299 and is officially available for purchase today.

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition (12GB/128GB/5G Edition) Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, dual VC powerful cooling, 120W fast flash charging, magnetic power pop-up shoulder keys

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[Product Price] 3599 (Pre-sale)