Wise technology upgrade vacuum preservation power, Hisense vacuum refrigerator led the industry intelligent transformation

On February 22, Hisense refrigerator officially released the intelligent food management program with the theme of “intelligent link vacuum freshness is more than one side”, through creative video restoration of life scenes, in-depth analysis of intelligent technology, with the support of Hisense Vacuum refrigerator for the terminal hub of intelligent home life.

With the wide penetration of 5G, AI, Iot and other high-tech, for the home appliance industry, “smart life” has become an inevitable trend of development. In the innovation of technology, the home appliance industry has a greater space for innovation and upgrading, at the same time, the growth of high-net-worth people and consumer philosophy upgrade also let more users pay more attention to the quality of home appliance experience, high-end intelligent products become the new demand.

Although in recent years, the refrigerator industry travels in the intelligent fast lane, but in the process of intelligent exploration, the industry is too much focus on “hardware +”, and the core function of the refrigerator freshness correlation is not high, and does not further solve the user such as solving the ingredients waste and other ingredients Management and freshness pain points, so to speak, from the real “intelligent” still has a certain distance. For this industry status quo, Hisense refrigerator constantly around the “intelligent” fine cultivation, and constantly to technical innovation to seize the user’s mind, to obtain market affirmation. This time, Hisense refrigerator back to the refrigerator ingredients management instinct, along with the vacuum preservation of this patent basis, the integration of “vacuum technology” and “ice temperature technology”, to create a vacuum first class, let the food in a dormant state, the taste and nutrition of the ingredients remain unchanged, on this basis On this basis, the NFC technology strengthens the intelligent efficacy of Hisense vacuum refrigerator, makes the interaction between the refrigerator and the user more intelligent and interesting, and upgrades the user’s intelligent home experience.

With the application of NFC technology, users can form direct interaction with Hisense vacuum refrigerator at a distance with the help of cell phones, tablet PCs and other personal mobile terminals, thus realizing the transformation from human-machine control to machine-machine self-control. In the process of daily use, users only need to match the ingredients paste or ingredients folder and cell phone touch to store and take ingredients, you can easily manage the ingredients expired, expiry reminders, freeing the user’s hands, to achieve the intelligent management of refrigerator ingredients. At the same time, it can also generate recipes according to the existing ingredients in the refrigerator for intelligent food preparation, which can not only avoid the waste caused by hoarding ingredients for too long and forgetting, but also help users to easily solve the problem of “what to eat”. When you find that the ingredients are missing, you can place an order in the recipe details page to experience the third-party fresh food platform, one-stop food procurement to your home, which greatly facilitates your daily life.

In addition, when you are out, you can also start remotely and let the refrigerator freezer down to -34℃ in advance with the one-key deep cooling function; to prevent elders from being old and forgetting to close the refrigerator door, the cell phone APP message reminds you to open the door alarm function… …also, as always, intelligent technology to reveal the unique humanistic care of Hisense refrigerator.

In the future, in the face of the “intelligent +” wave, Hisense refrigerator will continue to consumer demand for their own design philosophy and bold innovation in the spirit of R & D, to create more forward-looking intellectual products, leading the refrigerator industry’s intelligent, humane development. To depict the grand blueprint of intelligent home life.