With the strategy inside, you can get the iPhone SE3 for less than 2000 yuan

If you want to take stock of the iPhone series of the most occupied models in the past models that non-iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus these two models, look at the B station and the gods with the iPhone 6 run the original God it. You can see how long the product life cycle of this iPhone 6 is. From the user’s point of view is really good, but from the manufacturer’s point of view this can be “nail households”, have to pull! With the news that Apple will release a new iPhone series iPhone SE3 in early March, the news was released.

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[Product Price] 3299 yuan

Recently, a tipster broke the news that Apple plans to launch a special new trade-in benefit activity for old iPhone 6 users, the strength of this benefit will be unprecedented, the old trade-in subsidy activity is mainly for iPhone 6 series users, the approximate content is iPhone 6 series users as long as they can use the normal boot iPhone 6 cell phone that can be 299 U.S. dollars (about RMB) The price is $299 (about RMB 1999) for a new iPhone SE3 (should be 64G version).

If this activity is true, we can get a used iPhone 6 16G version of the phone for about $400 up and down, as long as it can be turned on, then you can use this iPhone 6 to exchange enough for a new iPhone SE3 (sold from $3299), equivalent to a large credit voucher of about 900 yuan. The iPhone SE3 can be brand new for less than 2,000 yuan, the official flip machine is not as good as this one!

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