Workplace people must touch the fish magic tool never let the boss see

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Back to work after the New Year, no energy, do not want to work? You are not alone. In order to improve the work motivation, the recent boss strict investigation of fish, so search out a bunch of fish software, which will be shared with you!

01 touch the fish also has official support: touch the fish App officially on the Windows system

I really do not know whether it is the development of technology, or the victory of the Buddhist system, now there are actually a lot of fish software across the network, a casual search there are a lot of, and in this year, the Windows system is also directly online fish App, netizens have commented: this time you can be fair and square to touch the fish.

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Fish App

The principle of this software is very simple, after downloading and running, click the “fish” button, the computer screen will display the screen of Windows is being upgraded, people passing by will think that your computer is being upgraded and can only stop to rest for a while. With this “fish” time, you can have a cup of coffee or relax your brain, etc.

After the use of the fish page

However, this software is currently available only for Windows, so Mac, MacBook and other Apple computers can not enjoy the work of partners.

02 Direct use without downloading, MacBook can also be used

Seeing the above software, Apple computer users are not feeling like they are missing out on a world? Do not worry, there are available for you. A software called FakeUpdate is compatible with Mac’s system.

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This program is very convenient, even the download directly save, open on the web page can directly simulate the computer upgrade screen, Windows, Android and Apple’s system can be compatible, and also supports 5 languages, it seems that foreign partners also have such needs, touching the fish thing does not distinguish between national borders ah.

03 novel party, the welfare of the stockholders, can small window touch fish

A lot of fishing partners have the habit of reading novels, but blatantly reading books is easy to be found by the boss, which is not conducive to the sustainability of fishing. A fish touching software called Thief-Book can solve this problem.

This software will appear on the computer screen after running a small bar box, in this bar box you can read novels, watch the stock market, without being found by the leadership.

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Thief-Book on the bar frame

But this can only read the text, for a variety of groping needs or not quite able to fully meet. In addition to the above fish-finding software, many partners may have heard of the “boss key” function, which is a hotkey or hotkey combination, used to quickly hide the game or other unrelated work programs, and let the monitor show the normal work of the screen, so as to avoid the boss caught in flagrante delicto when fishing.

The above is to share a few fish software, but a reminder that the work of fish risk, use caution! Good luck to our readers and friends have a pleasant work experience ~