Xiaomi MIX 5 cell phone rendering exposed: this is a bit familiar

Early this morning, the Xiaomi MIX 5 HD renders came to light, the news that the MIX 5 series will have two models: MIX 5 and MIX 5 Pro.

This picture may look familiar, before the release of the MIX 4 this picture is claimed to be the MIX 4 HD renders, we are only for reference, but the parameters need to be noted, at present the Xiaomi 12 series does not use 100 million pixels, let alone 100 times zoom.

小米MIX 4(8GB/128GB/全网通/5G版) 立减1300 抄底!

The Xiaomi MIX 4 (8GB/128GB/network pass/5G version) is reduced by 1300 at the bottom!

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[Product Price] RMB 3699

If the MIX 5 really has such a powerful imaging configuration, then this year’s imaging ceiling would be the MIX 5.

The under-screen camera and under-screen fingerprint will also continue into the MIX 5 series. In addition 150W fast charging specifications, 2K resolution screen will also be arranged on.