ZOL Technology Breakfast: One Plus 10 Pro white version online today, Intel to launch 2nm processor in 2024

The technology news pushed to you in the morning of February 21

01 OnePlus 10 Pro White Edition goes live today

OnePlus China President Jay Li has publicly stated that the OnePlus 10 Pro White Edition will go live on February 21. The OnePlus 10 Pro was released in January and comes in two colorways: Boundary Breaker Black and Everything Green. It is equipped with a new generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform with HyperBoost full-link gaming frame stabilization technology, a second generation OnePlus | Hasselblad cell phone imaging system, and a 2K + 120Hz LTPO 2.0 flexible screen. Click on the link below to buy directly>>

02 Apple cancelled the development of screen fingerprint recognition

According to iDROPNEWS, Apple has stopped the development of under-screen fingerprinting, transferring all Touch ID work and resources to the team working on Face ID in January of this year. It is understood that Apple has been researching in the field of under-screen fingerprint recognition for years, but has never launched any related products. On the contrary, Apple’s work on face recognition has been iterated many times, and the iOS 15.4 beta version launched not long ago already supports wearing a mask to unlock Face ID, and this feature is expected to be officially pushed out soon.

03 Intel open CPU roadmap, 2nm launch in 2024

At Intel’s 2022 Investor Day, Intel CEO Kissinger announced the latest CPU roadmap, Intel plans to launch the 4nm Meteor Lake-P processor for the mobile (notebook) market in 2023 and the 2nm Arrow Lake-S processor in 2024. In addition, Intel expects to launch 1.8nm (18A) class client and server processors in 2025.

04 Lu Weibing says K40 will see its final purchase

Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, recently said that the Redmi K40 will see its last purchase, and the K50 universe will take over immediately. A few days ago, the Redmi K50 gaming version has been released, and at the same time, the price of the K40 with Snapdragon 870 chip has been reduced to 1799 yuan, AMOLED E4 straight screen, 48 million HD triple camera, 4520 mAh large power, click the link below to “last” to buy >>

05 microblogging response to layoffs affecting hundreds of people

According to reports, on the net rumors that “microblogging is optimizing staff”, microblogging public relations staff said: “there is no layoffs.” In order to strengthen the company’s strengths and business focus, the company is adjusting some of its organizational structure, giving priority to the transfer of employees involved, and negotiating the termination of labor relations if no suitable positions are available. Previously, there was news that Weibo was laying off employees in a large area, and some employees were also asked to leave voluntarily, and some employees have been interviewed.